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The Best Furniture Assembly in Chicagoland

Choosing the perfect furniture for your home should be the most difficult thing you have to worry about, however when it comes to putting it together it may prove to be a difficult task. If you don’t have the time or energy to assemble the furniture yourself, we at Tech-Sync Solutions also specialize in furniture assembly services and can help you. Our friendly and experienced furniture assembly team will be more than happy to assist you with this challenge. We have the tools and the expertise to assemble all your furniture needs

Serving the Fox Valley Area such as Aurora, Naperville, Montgomery, Yorkville, Oswego, Batavia, St. Charles, Geneva and all of Chicagoland.

These days, it’s common for homeowners to purchase furniture in the box from department and furniture stores. Unassembled furniture is often inexpensive and can be very portable. However, many people struggle to construct unassembled furniture, with an assortment of parts, screws, bolts, and washers that can be hard to properly assemble.

Whether it’s a desk, dresser, or book shelf, assembling furniture can be a complex and time-consuming process. Tech-Sync Solutions small furniture assembly team can help construct your furniture for you. Once on the job, a Tech-Sync Solutions will put your furniture together correctly and arrange it as you please.

When you need furniture assembled, you can contact a Tech-Sync Solutions to help with the furniture assembly job. Our furniture assembly experts know how to correctly assemble furniture and can do so at a time that fits your schedule. Give Tech-Sync Solutions a call to schedule assembly services today.

IKEA Furniture Assembly

Many people find IKEA stores to be a great resource for unassembled furniture and other items. While IKEA may be a great source for such items, some homeowners struggle to construct this furniture once they get home. Many furniture pieces can prove hard to assemble on one’s own – especially larger, more complex pieces of furniture that have several pieces to install.

If you need assistance with IKEA furniture construction, count on a Tech-Sync Solutions for help. Tech-Sync Solutions furniture assembly experts can construct several types of unassembled furniture that some homeowners just don’t have time to build. Call today and have your new furniture assembled and in place in no time.

Ready to Assemble Furniture

These days, furniture often comes as “ready to assemble” items, meaning that they need to be constructed once you get them home. While this makes transporting furniture from the store to home easy, constructing that furniture can be difficult and time consuming.

Many people have difficulty assembling cumbersome items like futons, book cases, and bed frames. Tech-Sync Solutions furniture assembly experts are ready to help with furniture assembly projects. Our technicians will construct your furniture correctly so you can be sure the furniture has been assembled as specified.

Shelving Hanging and Shelving Installation

  • Is the item new in a box with step by step directions
  • What is the expected date of delivery
  • Where in the Chicagoland you will be needing assembly services.
  • Provide us with the item brand name and description such as;
    • Text or email us a weblink
    • Text or email us pictures of the item
  • Is the item in the room that it will be permanently located? If not, how many staircases are involved?
  • Do you have a clear work area for the assembler?

Shelving Hanging and Shelving Installation

When increasing storage space for anything from clothing to books, food, or household supplies, hanging shelves can offer an effective solution that won’t take up floor space.

While shelving is both functional and stable, shelves must be leveled and installed properly and securely. A professional shelving installer such as Tech-Sync Solutions has the tools and know-how to hang shelves with proper support to create a useful and attractive storage system for your home.

There is more to adding and installing shelves than just closest organization. Shelves can also be used to create decorative display areas. Properly installed shelves are both attractive and functional and can be trusted to securely store almost anything. Contact Tech-Sync Solutions for your shelving installation needs.

There is more to shelves than closet organization, though. Shelves can be used to create decorative display areas in any room, at any scale. Properly installed shelves are both attractive and functional and can be trusted to securely store almost any item.

Whether to display your family heirlooms or organize your linens, shelves can add both beauty and function to any space in your home. Hire a pro to ensure your shelves are hung correctly to support whatever you choose to put on them.

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