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Custom Cable Installation and Wiring

Custom cable installation, sometimes referred to as structured wiring, is an essential component of home audio/video, data, telephone, home automation, security, surveillance, and more. Tech-Sync Solutions of Montgomery, IL has years doing custom cable and wiring installation in the Fox Valley area and western suburbs such as Montgomery, Oswego, Yorkville, Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville, Aurora, Batavia, St. Charles, Geneva, Bartlett, Elgin, Schaumburg and its surrounding areas.

Nobody wants to see cords hanging down in a tangled mess from your television or outside from your security camera. They are not only unsightly but often a hazard. Rather than having cords everywhere, custom cable installation can be completed by a Tech-Sync Solutions custom cable and wiring professional for improved performance and aesthetic appeal. Custom cable installation can be completed on new builds or your home can be retrofit with structured wiring to facilitate the operation of various components. Cable installation is custom installed in your home so that it is out of sight, safe, and secure. It can be in the walls, in the attic, and other locations but generally there is a distribution panel or networking panel to which it all connects. A distribution panel is typically located in a closet or attic so that it is out of sight and capable of being adequately cooled. By connecting your custom cable to a distribution panel, your home will experience better performance from your components and electronics.

Fox Valley Professional Wiring Installation

With structured wiring you are able to facilitate your entire home’s electric service providers into one location for easy access, maintenance, repair, cooling, and ease-of-programming for home automation. The wiring is run to different locations throughout your home so that you can easily send signals to things like your television, audio source, video source, security system, surveillance system and more with the touch of one button on one remote. At Tec-Sync Solutions of Montgomery, Illinois, we use only the highest quality cables that are capable of delivering the high performance that you want from your technology. The types of cable run are, generally speaking, Category5/6 cables, RG-6 Coaxial cables and audio cable. Our trained experts understand how to select the right cables for your unique applications, safely and correctly install them, and connect everything so that it works seamlessly and efficiently. Call us at 331-701-1200 to schedule your free estimate for your residential custom cable and custom wiring.

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